Three ways to optimize your store locator

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This tactic is tried and true and I have used it across multiple brands that I have worked with in the past year. 


If you're a startup (especially in the CPG space), chances are you aren't in too many retail locations or perhaps you have a stud of a salesperson who has achieved wide distribution without much awareness yet. Or maybe you are an extremely successful business experiencing a lull in retail. 


Either way, here are three reasons why you should begin nurturing your store locator and running store locator ads TODAY! 

  1. Geo-targeted paid social ads will help drive awareness within the desired radius of a current retailer. If you are launching your product(s) into a new retail chain you should begin thinking about this tactic immediately and account for it in your campaign budget. *It is important to note that you can only bulk upload 250 cities or 2,500 zip codes at a time. * Make sure to verify that all data was uploaded accurately to prevent wasting ad dollars on locations that you are not currently available in. 
  2. Any of these clicks to your store locator also provide an opportunity to convert online if you're running successful retargeting ads. This doubles your chances of converting.
  3. This tactic should help your sales team sell into prospective retail partners. Not too many brands are nurturing their store locator and using it as a tool for business development just yet. Digital-to-retail activations are becoming much more prevalent and it is the small companies with latitude to test and innovate that are winning in these trenches. Creating your failsafe with retargeting campaigns gives you the opportunity to make up for the cost per click to your store locator.
If you'd like to learn more about how to optimize your store locator to grow your business email me at to schedule a time to chat.

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