How To Combat Facebook's New Engagement Algorithm

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If you stay up-to-date with your social media then you know that yesterday Facebook implemented a war on "engagement baiting." If you call to action ANY FORM of native Facebook engagement such as LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE, COMMENT etc. then your posts will organically appear in significantly less newsfeeds.

So, I got to thinking...and although many more solutions will pop up as more and more marketers get creative over the coming weeks, here is one that can help get you past the time being. 

This hack is specifically for Mailchimp users. If you're not using Mailchimp I would try to find the equivalent of this on the platform you use. 

Ready? HERE WE GO! 

1. Make a new LIST in Mailchimp. If you're executing a giveaway with another brand on Facebook title it Giveaway (Brand x and Brand y). This will be important because you'll need to select winners from the correct bucket. 


2. Click Campaigns in the top left corner. Then click CREATE CAMPAIGN. 

3. When prompted to select the type of landing page, select CREATE A LANDING PAGE. 

4. Title the landing page to match the list you created for it in Step 1. 

5. Select the list you created for this campaign (This list is segmented, but you'll be able to reach the emails acquired when emailing your Master List as well). 

6. Use the creative you will use natively on FB for the landing page as well. Build out copy and design. 

7. Once you have completed the design of the template you can publish page. WARNING: you cannot update page after publishing so be sure you're set. 

8. Use a URL shortener to make the link look less clunky. 

9. Make the post on Facebook and use the CTA "CLICK HERE TO ENTER." See? You are not bribing or baiting for an native engagement such as likes, comments, shares or follows.

10. On future campaigns just "replicate" the campaign you created for this activity and modify it to match your creative and copy needs. Don't forget to create a new list so you can select winners from the correct bucket.

Here is a look at the same activation with different executions on Instagram vs. Facebook. 



I really hope this helps with your Facebook giveaways/sweepstakes and in turn helps bolster your email acquisition on the cheap.  


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