How This Brand Got 85,000 Organic Instagram Likes Overnight

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As you all know, the more engagement your content gets with your community the more your content appears organically in feeds and in discovery. Now, the goal is to do this without spending any dollars on engagement boosts because that budget is better spent on awareness and/or retargeting ads. I've covered gamification, original content strategy and giveaway tactics in the past. In this next activation I combine all three. 

I scheduled a piece of content that was relevant and trending around the holiday season. The goal was to 1) get likes because the content is fun and engaging 2) gamify the post to acquire incremental engagement and 3) get likes on EVERY post that the brand has ever made in order to EARN organic placement in the community's feeds moving forward.

What I never expected was for the brand to acquire 85,000 likes overnight. EIGHTY-FIVE THOUSAND LIKES!!! Legendary Foods started at 205,000 likes since the beginning of time. In the morning when I refreshed the aggregate likes meter it was at 283,000. And after 21 total hours the total likes were at 290,000 and counting. 

Takeaways from this post.

1. Try something new. 

2. Test different methods for giveaways. EVERY BRAND is on the giveaway train and it's only a matter of time until IG regulates giveaways the way Facebook does. 

3. Hacking mass engagement will help your content appear organically in feeds. Why not make it fun? 

This GIVEAWAY has never been done before! Good luck! 
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10 random winners that complete entry requirements will receive a $100 gift card on Tuesday December 26th (yes we have an app that checks). Must be over 18 years old and in the US to Enter.
12 hours into the activation
21 hours into the activation
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