FIVE Quick Tips For Instagram Story Highlights

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By now almost everybody must be familiar with "those little bubbles on IG pages." And with every given IG update any brand or marketer must be thinking, "How can I capitalize on this and differentiate myself or my brand?"

Instagram Story Archive


With that, here are five tips on how to personalize your brand on the latest IG updates. 

  1. BE CONCISE with your album titles. If there is an ellipsis on your title go back and shorten it up. 
  2. GET CREATIVE with your album covers. In the case of Legendary Foods I uploaded the company logo to story and saved it to each highlights album. Edit album by clicking the following ...more > Edit Highlight > Edit Cover. 
  3. BE ORIGINAL when choosing album covers. Use custom made icons for each highlight album or use your company logo so it looks cohesive across the board. 
  4. TAKE ADVANTAGE of this real estate. If you're a brand, create a SHOP NOW album where you have a living, breathing, permanent home for shoppability. Upload product images to story, save to SHOP NOW album and make sure you have the swipe up compatibility so you can drive to your ecommerce site.
  5. BUILD COMMUNITY whether it's your audience or partners. Legendary has a Reviews, Legends and Retail album that highlights (you guessed it) reviews, community posts and retail partners talking about the brand. Not only does this spread love but it makes your brand more human. 

That's it! You're that much closer to leveling up your IG game. If you have any questions or feedback shoot me an email at! 

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