Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns with Planning and Organization

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Step 1 in the Optimizing Your Marketing Campaign Series is PLANNING and ORGANIZATION. 

Say it with me, planning and organization is major key (S/O to DJ Khaled) when it comes to a successful brand or product marketing campaign…and life in general. This step seems pretty obvious, but more often than not planning and organization can use a little more love...so here it goes! 


My three buckets of planning are:

  1. General planning - create a general campaign calendar built out for the rest of the year and the next year. This calendar allows me to keep track of specific dates that I can piggyback off of for activations
  2. Product planning - Slot in any information for upcoming and potential product launches that are coming down the pipeline.
  3. Quarterly planning - create a solid plan for the upcoming quarter that outlines any potential brand and/or product marketing campaigns. Ideally Q4 will be planned out, locked and loaded at the beginning of Q3. 
    *Down the road, I highly suggest to go from quarterly planning to yearling planning (aka 2019 has already been planned in 2018)


Now you might say, “but Danny, we’re a start-up and need to stay nimble.” 


I would then say, “Nimble doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan. Nimble means you can adjust plans if needed, however planning and organization should be your framework. This step is even more important because you are a start-up and you want to make the most noise out of all your efforts.”


I’ve seen companies launch products without solid plans in place, which eventually lead to product sitting on shelves and having the community say “OH! I didn’t know you made that!”


With a solid plan and marketing brief in place, you now have the blueprint you need for a successful campaign launch.


Danny has more articles on the way in this series, so if you have any questions or requests, please email liftoff@growthbuster.com.



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