Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns with Communication

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“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” - James Humes


Step 2 in the Optimizing Your Marketing Campaign Series is COMMUNICATION. 

If you missed Step 1: Planning and Organization, here's the link.


When it comes to marketing campaigns, you should over-communicate with EVERYONE. Yes everyone and not just the departments affected by your marketing campaign. Here’s the kicker, every department in the organization will have some part in your marketing campaign! Dev might need to code and adjust the website, Customer Support will need to know what’s going on to message to consumers correctly, R&D should know how you’re launching an amazing product that they created, Shipping and Fulfillment will need to ramp up efforts to get packages out, etc. The goal here is to rally the troops behind the plan so that the rest of the company feels like they are part of it. The worst is launching a huge plan and having multiple departments not know what’s going on.


So how do you communicate that a marketing campaign is happening? YOU DO IT. If there isn’t a team in place to disperse information, then the person orchestrating the campaign should relay the information or assign the task.


My general process is:

  1. Email the marketing campaign brief to department heads
  2. Specify how that department will be affected and what you may need from them (if any)
  3. Schedule a meeting with all department heads to go over the campaign brief


After all department heads understand what’s needed to drive the campaign to the finish line, you’ll need to check in with them to ensure that the information has been passed on to their team. Generally, the best way to do this is to have a campaign pre-kick off with the entire company.


When the entire company on board with the vision, it’s time to communicate the plans over to any of your outside agencies: PR, Design firms, etc (basically anything not in-house).


The key here is not micromanaging, but leading and being a team player.


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